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About Me

In an elevator I'd say I'm a life coach and music lover. I think my friends would say, I'm an optimist with a big heart and a tendency to talk about deep things with strangers. 

I'm passionate about working to help people realize their potential and to connect with life in a stripped-down, meaningful way. Capitalizing on strengths and solving problems with a human-centered, creative approach is a recipe that fuels my most meaningful work, allowing me to give my best self to others.

I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (trained at The Coaches Training Institute and accredited by the International Coach Federation). I work with open-minded, life-hungry individuals (and groups) to unlock resistance, realign with what feels right and design a new way forward.

I offer a complimentary 30 minute discovery session to try out coaching and see if we'd be a good fit. Contact me below or schedule a time to chat.


"Before talking to Jenna I didn't think I needed help. I was stuck in my own head feeling very numb, unhappy and that nothing was possible. After only a couple weeks of talking to her I fulfilled my dream of moving to New York, learned how to open my mind and listen and believe in my self and decisions I make, and most importantly, I can tell myself that everything is going to be okay and I truly believe it." - Emily

"Jenna supports me in seeing myself fully - by her natural ability to see others on their fullest sense. I’ve reached for bigger and bolder experiences and adventures knowing that I’m held within our work together. As someone who tends to push myself and be ever-exploring, my time with Jenna has been enlightening. Within our coaching, she’s inspired me to continue being me, and also incorporate thoughts and practices that support me in growing intentionally. The amount of movement and momentum that has come of our work in coaching is actually astonishing. Even in the last four months working together, much has happened - all of which has felt deeply aligned with the person that I truly am, and am stepping into. I feel truly grateful to have Jenna as a beautiful friend and a life-changing coach." - Cait

"I have been a client of Jenna’s for a year now. She has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate. She is skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I need to take to accomplish my goals. She quickly helped me to clarify and set goals based on my values. I would recommend Jenna to anyone who is looking to make BIG, positive changes in their life." - Raquel

“Working with Jenna has been a total joy. Jenna brings a remarkable sensitivity to her coaching.  She is an exceptional listener who 'hears' on many levels.  She has a gift for intuiting just what you are struggling to articulate and helps bring it into focus. The process of discussing these things in a protected space with someone as open-hearted and kind as Jenna, who sincerely has your best interests at heart, is game changing and so inspiring!" - Holland

"Having Jenna as a coach has been a real gift in my life. She’s helped me confront and overcome my deepest fears around money, and truly achieve my deepest dreams career-wise and personally. ” - Michael

"Working with Jenna over the past year has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Going through many life and work transitions, Jenna is always there to provide superb guidance and support as one of my biggest cheerleaders and, when needed, toughest critics. She has helped me find balance and fun in my personal life and a new sense of purpose in my work life. She is flexible in her approach and regularly seeks feedback. She brings out the best in me and has helped me find fulfillment in all aspects of my life."  - Allie

"Jenna has been my life coach for over a year. She is attentive, warm and compassionate and I look forward to each one of our conversations. Jenna has become my go-to person whenever I am faced with difficult decisions. She has coached me through many aspects of my life including: discovering and fostering my passions, making meaningful contributions at work, saving money, and becoming a better friend. Jenna has progressed my life and I am not sure where I would be without her. I encourage everyone, regardless of where you are in life, to seek the guidance of a life coach and I strongly believe Jenna is one of the best!" - Victoria

“Jenna has a profound perspective on life that allows you to see what you just can’t see on your own. She has a deep awareness and intuitive mind that has helped me discover the light and strength in my darkest moments. ” - Georgia